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The flash is now back on production.

2009-07-18 20:32:02 by FlashStepFlame

I'm working on the flash again people...! :)
If you have anything you wanna ask about the flash go ahead and pm me, and yes this will be my first flash so don't eat me alive.
Sincerly FlashStepFlame.

The flash I was planning to make is now halted till further notice, I'm sick of insults and I don't feel like making flash anymore but I'm still up for drawing your favorite game chars to the ebst of my abilities. Sincerly FlashStepFlame.
P.S. you faggots that think cause I'm thirteen I don't know what I'm doing, fuck you. Can you make skins for games like Wc3 doubt it, can you make triggers on Wc3 maps? Doubt it... so know what fuck you.


2009-07-16 23:49:43 by FlashStepFlame

You know I really hate alot of people on Ngs.